We have everything that is required and more to start the external audit of your company. We have many qualifications that nominate us for that task and we strive to provide the best audit services in the Arab world.

Egyptian Chartered Accountants is one of the best auditing and external auditing firms in the Middle East. Our consultants have extensive experience in many general areas for most companies and we have the ability to learn more business. We gained hundreds of clients during our years of work during which we provided many services such as:

  • Quarterly and periodic reviews and regular period reports.
  • Final financial reviews for the year.
  • Submit adequate review reports that include all recommendations, meaningful suggestions, and well-thought-out observations.
  • Preparing letters and recommendations for management on deficiencies and how to enhance the effectiveness of work and internal control.
  • We offer external audit programs for all types of companies, institutions and government agencies.
  • We visit regularly throughout the year.
  • We offer different types of audits depending on the type and needs of the business.
  • We comply with all international standards.
  • We are distinguished by tremendous work capabilities and quick access to evidence of all kinds.
  • We have the advantage of loving teamwork and communicating with many of your company's leaders in order to make it a success.
  • We give you explicit recommendations about the success of your career structure and help you make the best use of your human resources.
  • Our experts and consultants express an accurate and conclusive opinion about your financial statements, which is derived from previous and current experiences with many companies similar to your field of work.
  • Our consultants provide opinions on the system of internal control, financial management, strengths and weaknesses within the company, and make recommendations to address them.

Our first goal is to bring your company to safety and to make good use of all your financial and human resources and to achieve profits that satisfy you, and our experience we have gained through many years of successful work, we promise to continue to work with all our energy for the success of your company.

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