How chartered accountants help you in Bookkeeping

Avoid employee turnover by outsourcing staff recruitment and working with an entity rather than working with individuals, Our staff has been carefully selected to meet clients’ needs and expectations with our commitment to development and continuing professional education commensurate with our existing quality standards. Our long-term contracts with our existing clients are based on mutual respect and a trustworthy relationship.

Accounting services

Providing professional assistance by designing a sound chart of accounts and maintaining accounting records in compliance with Egyptian Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards and companyrequirements.

Account Management Structuring Steps:

  • Preparing the accounting and documentary cycle of the company.
  • Configuring the accounting system on Capital ERP accounts.
  • Extracting financial reports with the financial performance and financial position of the company accurately and without consuming time in preparing reports.

Payroll services

Our company has a specialized department for payroll support services and staffed with experienced staff in servicing local companies and multinational companies, preparing monthly payroll calculation, including calculating payroll tax, social insurance contributions and amounts payable to employees.

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