How chartered accountants help you

in Company Incorporation

We have distinguished ourselves in the office of “Egyptian Certified Public Accountants” and since our inception, with the tremendous services we provide, we can provide services

  • Procedures for establishing all types of companies and their amendments.
  • corporate governance.
  • The necessary procedures related to the labor law.
  • Preparing and drafting contracts.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Social insurance procedures.
  • Company liquidation procedures.
  • Coding, custodian and central registry at Misr Clearing Company for Joint Stock Companies.
  • Industrial registry and facility licenses.
  • Various legal advice.

We also provided many services that distinguished us by achieving them in the best way and in the fastest time. We have contributed to building many giant companies and institutions. We were able to draw a professional and thoughtful legal planning for the company from the moment of its birth until we reach it to the world. Despite the diversity of the fields of companies that we dealt with, we were able, thanks to God first, and then the experience of our consultants and their professional competence.. We were able to participate in the establishment of many companies and abide by the laws to which they are subject.
If you have the intention to start establishing a new company and need to officially register and publicize it and make all legal considerations that build accurate and stable legal foundations for your company throughout its life, then you only need to contract with the “Egyptian Certified Public Accountants” office and we will handle the matter on your behalf, so book your first legal advice now.

Where we provide you services:

  • Choosing and building the right and appropriate legal entity for your company.
  • Choose the appropriate trade name for it.
  • Register your organization's headquarters and phone numbers.
  • Choose the appropriate activity for your organization and its type, whether joint stock, limited liability, solidarity, or others.
  • Determine the powers and responsibilities of management and signature rights.
  • Preparing all company incorporation documents and papers.
  • Determining the controls of property rights and meetings, determining the responsibility for making decisions, the venues for holding meetings, and so on.
  • Draw a profit sharing chart

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