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The purchasing and supplier system to consolidate your relationships with suppliers and instill confidence in them, order a free demo now

Improving your relationship with thesuppliers and gaining their trust is crucial for your success in making profits and expanding your business. This improvement won’t happen unlesssuppliers have their rights ultimately, get guarantees, and have their tasks finished quickly. That’s what the purchasing andsuppliersystem offers.

With the substantial digital transformation, you need a systemto manage purchases, sales, and stores professionally. The purchasing andsuppliersystem lets you simultaneously achieve your work precisely and quickly without facing any familiar purchase management problems.

Capital ERP offers a purchase and sales module with hundreds of technical features essential for tracking purchasing and sales, as well as providing integration between different sections, including the stock.

Why do we need the purchasing and supplier system?

We all know the importance of purchasingmanagement; purchasing andsuppliersystem brings many benefits, including:

  • Direct tracking of the vendors data and their financial commitment.
  • Tracking purchase order issuances and the person who made them.
  • Accurate calculation of the purchase fees and expenses and ensuring their distribution over the invoice items.
  • Recording thesupplier’s whole movements and documents within accounts and knowing his credit and debit balance.
  • Monitoring execution of discount and gift orders for every
  • Accurate analysis of thevendors accounts state, such as purchases made in cash, on credit, or other ways.

Components of the purchasing and supplier system :-

the purchasing andsuppliersystem contains more than one program simultaneously, a sales managementand a store and purchasing section management system. It provides a group of lists that allow you to manage your sales, purchasing, and stores easily. These lists include:

Stores list :

Stores are considered any company’s capital through which we can calculate the rate of sales and purchasing, so you need a store management system to ease the purchasing and a sales and payment software for the items in stores to issue their purchase orders and invoices.

Through the list, you can do the following:

  • Add different products and mention information about each type, methods for calculating its value, and identifying its opening balance.
  • Give a different code for each type to recognize it quickly.
  • Several coding methods include auto-coding, giving a code for each group of items, or leaving the code’s place empty so the user can add it manually.
  • Add a measuring unit for each type, whether homogeneous or heterogeneous.
  • Set specific selling and buying prices for each item.
  • Select warning notifications in case of selling, buying, or shortage of stock.
  • The purchasing and supplier system send notifications if the stock reaches a certain amount, more or less than your need, which the user can adjust.
  • Send notifications when the expiration dates of the products or barcodes approach.
  • Manage the transfer processes of the stores if you own a central store and several sub-stores.
  • The sub-store sends a request to the central store for a shortage in a particular item, and the user himself accepts or declines this request. In case of acceptance, a defined amount is withdrawn from the central store. Instantly, the program lowers the balance of the main store and raises that of the sub-store by the withdrawn amount.

Accounts list :

The chart of accounts (COA) is the primary evidence that the company is performing commercial business and making profits. The purchasing and supplier system owns a selection of elements to manage the company’s accounts, including:

  • Treasury account.
  • Expenditure account. Financial transactions.
  • Bank accounts. Added-value, zero-rated, and exempted tax accounts The purchasing and supplier system can present a fair tax return to the online portal of the Egyptian Tax Authority.

Procurement Section :

The purchasing and supplier system has brilliant features to manage any purchase with the ability to define the procurement cycle you want to achieve. The main elements of this system include:.

  • Items purchase orders for the stores with the storekeeper in charge.
  • Receiving quotations from the suppliers and checking them.
  • The storekeeper issues an indent from the company with the best offer where the manager approves it.
  • Preparing the procurement section’s invoice of the items where each invoice contains the item’s name, amount, price, payment method, and the discount if present.

Advantages provided by the purchasing and supplier system from the ECPA company :-

As the Epert-Planet company seeks the best accounting programs, it offers a comprehensive program to manage purchases, sales, and stores entirely. Its main advantages include:

  • A simple design that’s easy to control and use.
  • Flexible and adjustable nature suits any company’s activity and business size and supports different fields.
  • It supports many currencies and can be connected to the capital market to change the exchange rate, allowing you to deal with moresuppliers worldwide.
  • Extremely high storage capacity allows storing an infinite number of products, buying and selling data of each, and their available amounts.
  • Information auto-saving and the ability to restore the original information before modification.
  • The procurement section in the system has a vast database that can accept an endless number ofsuppliers while keeping their data such as the address, phone number, email, dealing dates, and more.
  • The system can issue all purchasingand sales documents, including the indents, warrants, receipt and withdrawal permissions.
  • The system is available in many languages.
  • It can work offline.
  • The store management software allows you to control all aspects of your stores from the ground up. You can create, update, track inventory and prepare reports on anything from your sales to any item in your store.
  • Detailed analytical reports of any item,supplier, or expenditure can be issued.
  • Different quotas for the purchase program are available to choose from.
  • Highest levels of privacy and data security.
  • The Expert-planet company has the best technical support available 24/7 to provide the best consultations and system training .

FAQs about the purchase and supplier module :

What after-sales services do we offer?

Our team offers continuous technical support to ensure that the program works correctly. We offer:

  • Training meetings to train your team on the program.
  • Explainer videos that you can get back to anytime.
  • Program-related legal and tax consultations.
  • Periodic visits to make sure of an efficient workflow.
  • Regular training in case of program development or adding new services.

What reports can be issued by the purchasing and supplier system?

From the control panel, press “report”, then choose the report’s type:

  • Invoice reports.
  • Payments reports.
  • A report of any customer’s private account.
  • Detailed reports of the transactions performed by any sales representative

Is it easy to import previous invoices prepared by another program?

Yes, easily. The program includes the feature of importing data from other programs in different forms.

Can Arabic be used in the program while using another language to issue invoices and reports?

Yes. Adjust the language options from the program’s settings.

Executing invoices and purchase orders is no longer difficult. Now, you can have many purchases and sales through the best purchase and sales systemfrom the Expert-planet company. Contact us directly, register and choose a suitable quota and get your first consultation for free.